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Investing in the City of Cordoba

Factors such as a diverse economy, an entrepreneurial ecosystem and being a city of knowledge, position Cordoba as a city where work-life balance is naturally achieved.
  • The time zone of the City allows an excellent articulation with the rest of the world.
  • Cordoba is the second meeting tourism destination in the country.
Cordoba offers

Work-life balance

The city of Córdoba is the second most populated city in Argentina, and yet it enjoys a quiet and peaceful pace of life. Connected to nature, at the forefront of technology and with world-renowned talents, it is ideal for locating new ventures in the region.

Diverse economy

Córdoba represents more than a third of the province's production and is its most diversified economy. The city's activity is characterized by a strong presence of new services and industries, with a high interaction between them.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Knowledge Economy has strong bases in the city: software, computer services, medical instruments, chemicals. These knowledge-intensive sectors constantly interact with the base of classic industries present in the city, giving rise to an ever-expanding ecosystem.

City of Knowledge

Córdoba is renowned for its university environment, with 240,000 students from all over the country and the world, and more than 20,000 graduates per year. The educational ecosystem is composed of four public universities, five private universities with a strong base in distance education and more than eighty institutes of higher education.

Key sectors of the City of Knowledge

Cordoba's activity is diverse, complex and connected. Local productive ecosystems have their own dynamics of interaction that make Cordoba the productive pillar of the province. Thinking about a City of Knowledge, and through a tool designed by the Secretariat of Economy named "GPS of Productive Policies", it was found that there are certain sectors that are in need of a new productive system.
will help to drive the development of the whole activity. Currently, Cordoba is the second largest exporter of EoC services in the country, and this cluster represents the eighth export complex in the province. From USD 120 M that are currently exported, the Córdoba Technology Cluster estimates that this value can be increased to USD 4400 M. The CAI was designed for investments in these areas.
Software and IT services
Professional Services
Health Equipment and Services
Convention tourism
Audiovisual industry

Investor's Guide

Due to the great availability of coworking spaces that facilitate collaborative work in the city of Cordoba, we offer a limited list of some establishments with different characteristics and services.

Where to Invest?

  • Cerro de las Rosas
    Located in the northern part of the city, with direct access to the airport, shopping centers, convention centers and hotel services.

    Ciudad Empresaria
    Modern development at the northern end of the city, with coworking spaces and spacious offices.


    En el casco histórico de la ciudad, rodeado del principal centro financiero y comercial de la Provincia, con grandes vías de conectividad.

Centro de Atención al Inversor

We imagine a future together with your project in our modern and innovative city, a city of opportunities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Competitive environment

    Reports, Success Stories, Unicorns in the City and statistical information of interest.

    Entrepreneurial ecosystem

    The city counts on the participation of a solid group of institutions and public, private and third sector organizations that synergistically promote entrepreneurship, thus encouraging the development of new business opportunities.